Elekta’s Clarity Software Allows Automated Beam Gating In Prostate Cancer Tumors

Elekta’s Clarity Software Allows Automated Beam Gating In Prostate Cancer Tumors

Elekta’s (EKTA-B.ST) Clarity® 4D prostate monitoring system received clearance to automatically and instantaneously interrupt radiation beams upon detection that the prostate has moved out from position in prostate cancer cases.

This monitoring 4D software has enabled doctors to continuously visualize the exact and precise location of the prostate during radiation therapy. The FDA has given a 510(k) clearance for Clarity to be used with Elekta’s Response gating interface, giving physicians the potential and tools to saveguard the patient’s normal and healthy tissues from overexposure to radiation while prostate radiotherapy is ongoing.

Precise localization of the prostate is fundamental during precision radiotherapy. Radiation dosage will constantly be delivered into the prostate even if its position changes due to pressures from the bladder or rectum or any surrounding anatomy.

Prostate cancer is the second most common cancer in men in the United States, right next to skin cancer. One out of ten men develops prostate cancer, making this malignancy the second most common cause of death among men. According to the American Cancer Society, more than 2.5 million patients survived prostate cancer and those who are diagnosed early have a reduced probability of dying from the disease. Nonetheless it is still a serious and fatal disease, especially when treated late.

“The Clarity system permits clinicians to set the amount of prostate movement allowable over a given period, for example, three or five millimeters for a five-second period, depending on the dose rate and other factors (…) When Clarity detects anything over this limit, the treatment is automatically paused to allow clinicians to correct for the motion. This could be especially important for clinicians pursuing advanced prostate protocols, such as reduced margin hypofractionated therapy or stereotactic body radiation therapy [SBRT],” Tony Falco, Senior Vice President, Elekta Software, said in a press release.

The Clarity monitoring system will also help streamline prostate radiotherapy workflow by removing human reaction time from prostate alerts.

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