Elekta’s Employees Raise $35,000 During Movember to Support Prostate Cancer

Elekta’s Employees Raise $35,000 During Movember to Support Prostate Cancer

mustacheSweden-based company Elekta is donating $35,000 to support research on prostate and testicular cancer, thanks to the work of 150 of its employees, in a dozen different countries.

The company's workers engaged in the Movember initiative (moustache [mo] + November), in which they dedicated the past month to raise both awareness and funding for cancers that affect men's health.

The international, independent, and annual fundraising event invites men, the "Mo Bros", to support the cause by growing a mustache, and women, the "Mo Sistas", to help with the fund and awareness raising. The initiative is being held since 2003, and has already raised more than $500 million, which are then donated to fund research projects in the field.

"Elekta's commitment to improving the lives of people with cancer goes far beyond just selling hardware or software," Niklas Savander, president and CEO of Elekta, said in a press release. "I'm extremely proud of our colleagues who participated and especially those who donated to this cause. Their actions demonstrate that our dedication really is part of the Elekta culture."

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