Global Report on 2015 Prostate Cancer Vaccine Pipeline Released

Global Report on 2015 Prostate Cancer Vaccine Pipeline Released

annual reportThe world’s largest market research store, Research & Markets, recently released its annual Global Prostate Cancer Vaccine Clinical Pipeline Insight 2015 Report Highlights. The report covers the following key areas in the field of emerging prostate cancer vaccine research and development:

  1. Introduction to Prostate Cancer Vaccine
  2. Mechanism of Prostate Cancer Vaccine
  3. Global Prostate Cancer Vaccine Market Dynamics
  4. Global Prostate Cancer Vaccine Market Outlook
  5. Global Prostate Cancer Vaccine Market Future Prospects
  6. Personalized Cancer Vaccine Market Opportunities
  7. Global Prostate Cancer Vaccines Clinical Trial Insight by Company, Country & Phase
  8. Marketed Prostate Cancer Vaccines by Company & Country
  9. Suspended & Discontinued Prostate Cancer Vaccines in Clinical Trials
  10. Competitive Landscape

Prostate cancer vaccines are a recent medical development, and have the potential to prevent cancer recurrence through the generation of an efficient immunological memory. Furthermore, it can decrease mortality rates associated with this malignancy and increase patients’ overall survival.

In this report, several biotechnology companies, along with their respective pipeline products are mentioned, including:

  1. Adamis Pharmaceuticals (San Diego, CA) – TeloB-VAX vaccine is composed of the patients’ own circulating B lymphocytes harboring a unique patented engineered plasmid DNA.
  2. Aduro Biotech (Berkeley, CA) – ADU-741 drug works through the company’s proprietary live-attenuated double-deleted (LADD) technology. The technology increases the body’s initial immune response and alerts tumor specific T cells.
  3. Bellicum Pharmaceuticals (Houston, TX) – BPX-201 is an autologous therapy, in which the patient’s own white blood cells are extracted and modified ex vivo. The cells are matured and then genetically engineered to express the DeCIDe switch domains and the PSMA antigen.
  4. Cytovac (Hørsholm, Denmark) – ALECSAT (Autologous Lymphoid Effector Cells Specific Against Tumor cells)
  5. Dendreon Corporation (Seattle, WA) – PROVENGE is an immunotherapy that is designed to reprogram the body’s immune cells to attack advanced prostate cancer cells, and is the first and only FDA approved immunotherapy for advanced prostate cancer.
  6. Generex Biotechnology Corporation (Ontario, Canada) – AE37 for prostate and breast cancer.
  7. Immunovaccine (Nova Scotia, Canada) – DPX-0907 is a unique multi-targeted therapeutic cancer immunotherapy designed to train the immune system to recognize and attack cancer cells.
  8. Oncbiomune (Baton Rouge, LA) – Prostatac is a therapeutic cancer vaccine for  prostate cancer patients using similar techniques developed for breast cancer patients.
  9. Progenics Pharmaceuticals (Tarrytown, NY) – PSMA ADC is an Antibody-Drug Conjugate candidate that targets prostate specific membrane antigen, a protein expressed on the surface of almost all prostate cancer tumor cells and in the neovasculature that supplies many other tumors.
  10. Sotio (Prague, Czech Republic) – DCVAC/PCa is a new Active Cellular Immunotherapy medicinal product for prostate cancer patients

Cancer vaccine technologies, such as the ones being developed for prostate cancer, remain on the vanguard of biotechnology, and are still largely in the development process of commercialization. As pharmacological competition increases, along with an increased availability of products, an increase in supply and a decrease in the price of prostate cancer vaccines is expected in coming years.