Prostate Cancer Test Predicts Radiotherapy Benefits After Radical Prostatectomy

Prostate Cancer Test Predicts Radiotherapy Benefits After Radical Prostatectomy
shutterstock_162942518GenomeDx Biosciences recently announced the publication of a positive validation study for its Decipher Prostate Cancer Classifier, a genomic test for men with intermediate and high-risk prostate cancer. In the study titled “A Genomic Classifier Identifies Men with Adverse Pathology after Radical Prostatectomy Who Benefit from Adjuvant Radiation Therapy," published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology, researchers from the Thomas Jefferson University and the Mayo Clinic, found that patients with low genomic risk (GC) (assessed with Decipher) are well managed only with clinical observation after radical prostatectomy (RP), while those with high genomic risk may be better treated with earlier adjuvant radiotherapy. Evidence from a considerable number of randomized clinical trials has shown that after surgery, earlier adjuvant radiotherapy reduces cancer progression and recurrence compared to a wait-and-see method. Based on these results, current AUA and ASTRO guidelines advise that doctors should recommend adjuvant radiotherapy after surgery for men with a diagnosis of intermediate and high-risk prostate cancer. Still, not all men seem to benefit from early adjuvant radiotherapy, therefore making it nece
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