New Prostate Cancer Therapy Approved by Mexican National Health Authorities

New Prostate Cancer Therapy Approved by Mexican National Health Authorities
The Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel has developed a novel prostate cancer treatment called Vascular Targeted Photodynamic therapy (VTP) with TOOKAD Soluble, in collaboration with Steba Biotech. The therapy has now been granted approval in Mexico by Cofepris, the Mexican national health authority, for the treatment of early-stage prostate cancer. The treatment includes the drug TOOKAD Soluble and a laser. A sucessful Phase III trial in South America (Panama, Mexico and Peru) with 80 patients confirmed the high occurrence of local cures and inconsequential side effects of VTP, already reported in Phase II clinical trials. The Mexican marketing approval comes after the recent conclusion of a second Phase III clinical trial in Europe, a randomized pivot study comparing disease progression, erectile and urinary functions, and the cancer-free rate in patients receiving TOOKAD Soluble treatment and those under active surveillance with a two-year followup. More than 400 patients were enrolled in the trial at 43 hospitals in 11 European countries. The study is now under evaluation by the European Medicines Agency (EMA). The therapy approved in Mexico combines an intravenous infusion with TOOKAD Soluble (first synthesized in Professor Avigdor Scherz's lab from the photosynthetic pigment of certain aquatic bacteria that gain their energy from sunlight). The drug remains in the bloodstream of patients until it fully clears three to four hours later, so far showing no toxicity in trials. With the drug's rapid clearance from the body and the use of near-infrared laser illumination, it is now possible to treat large, deeply embedded cancerous tumors with a minimally invasive procedure. And it spares nearby structures and their functions. The approach
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  1. Seth Sovak says:

    i wonder if it might be possible to share information with us about which hospital in Mexico is offering this procedure. As many patients these days choose to travel for various procedures…and due to the fact that this procedure is nowhere near reaching approval for patient care in the USA…i would very much like to have the information to help me determine the option of traveling to Mexico to receive care.

    thank you


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