Finding Out About Prostate Cancer Clinical Trials

Finding Out About Prostate Cancer Clinical Trials
The research community is working to discover and test new prostate cancer therapies that promise to improve patient outcomes and potentially lead to a cure. Yet many people are unaware that clinical trials are currently enrolling prostate cancer patients to assess such experimental therapies. Information about these clinical trials and how to participate in them is available by visiting this website. Finding a clinical

Knowledge is power when living with prostate cancer.

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  1. Brian Crich says:

    Hi, thanks for the information on Active Surveillance. I was biopsied for prostate cancer a few years ago. The results were negative, so now they are only monitoring my PSA levels which have a dropped a little since the biopsy.
    I’m reading a lot of good stuff about MRIs being used, and that sounds better, although my Doctor doesn’t think it is too likely that they will screen for prostate cancer in Canada with the use of MRIs.
    There is a very promising treatment coming along through the drug trial right now called Topsalysin or PRX302. Two years ago during their phase 2a Proof of Concept Study,
    Topsalysin was able to totally ablate prostate cancer tumors in two of the 18 participants in the Study.
    Currently, they are running a PH2b Prostate Cancer Trial with 38 participants in London, England, and Florida in the U.S. They will be announcing 6-month results soon I think, perhaps sometime in June. Then those who wish a second dose will be able to go on and provide the study with 12-month data as well. I think they are projecting that data
    to be available sometime around the end of December this year.
    The company is called Sophiris Bio which used to be a Canadian company I understand, but it moved from Toronto to San Diego, California five or six years ago I believe.
    I hope you find some of this information useful.
    Have a nice day,

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