Prostate Cancer Myths: 21 Common Misconceptions

14. Prostate Needle Biopsies Can Spread the Cancer

Prostate cancer can spread to other parts of the body, but there is no scientific evidence that needle biopsies can cause metastatic spread. In fact, the biopsy is perfumed using an 18g spring-loaded biopsy needle, which is already removed with the sample tissue and stored when the trocar is taken from the prostate. This means that the sick tissue never touches other healthy tissue.

15. Prostate Needle Biopsies Can Cause Needle Tracking

"Prostate cancer needle tracking has never been documented in men with the clinical T1c stage prostate cancer. Currently, this is the most common stage of presentation for men. Rare examples of needle tracking have only ever been recorded in a few men who had bulky locally advanced prostate cancer and were biopsied. This issue did not impact their response to treatment in any way as the tracking was subclinical and microscopic only and never lead to development of any clinically evident prostate nodule or disease."

16. Prostate Cancer Grows Slowly and Does Not Need to Be Treated

There are different types of prostate cancer, some of them grow slowly and others grow and spread aggressively. In fact, there are cases in which treatment may not be required, but it depends on many factors and needs to be decided by both patient and physician. However, prostate cancer is the second most deadly type of cancer among men in the USA. This is why it is important to be followed by a specialized physician, who will evaluate the tumor volumes, the Gleason scores and the regions of the prostate involved, as well as recommend the best course of action.

17. All Men Suffer and Die From Prostate Cancer

It is a myth that all men eventually suffer from prostate ca
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