Bayer and Baseball Great Ken Griffey Sr. to Attend Events for Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

Bayer and Baseball Great Ken Griffey Sr. to Attend Events for Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

This month, Bayer will be attending events nationwide with baseball legend and Men Who Speak Up spokesman Ken Griffey Sr. to recognize Prostate Cancer Awareness Month and support the battle against prostate cancer (PC).

Griffey, a prostate cancer survivor, hopes to empower men to speak up about the warning signs of the disease, such as fatigue and difficulty in performing daily activities.

The national movement Men Who Speak Up raises awareness about the symptoms of prostate cancer to encourage men to take action against their disease. The program was created to give voice to prostate cancer patients, doctors, and caregivers, as well as the advocacy groups who support them.

“Prostate cancer means a lot to me personally, having lost four uncles to the disease and recently learning of my brother’s diagnosis,” Griffey Sr. said in a press release.

“Every place I go with Men Who Speak Up, I meet someone who speaks up and shares their prostate cancer story with me. Others thank me for the reminder to be more vocal. Some people haven’t ever spoken up. We have to change that, and we’re seeing the change start to happen right before our eyes. I can’t wait to get out into the community during Prostate Cancer Awareness Month.”

Griffey Sr. and his son, baseball Hall-of-Famer Ken Griffey Jr., joined Men Who Speak Up on this year’s World Cancer Day on Feb. 4. Since then, father and son have engaged with the PC community across the nation to reach men through their family’s story, which was affected by advanced prostate cancer – when the cancer spreads to other tissues, or metastasizes.

“I’m proud to support my father and the Men Who Speak Up movement,” Griffey Jr. said. “I’m glad Dad spoke up about prostate cancer when he did, and that he’s still here for our family today.

“I wish I could be with him at the events this fall, but I’ll be with him in spirit and taking time this Prostate Cancer Awareness Month to remind my own family and friends about the importance of speaking up about advanced prostate cancer.”

Griffey Sr. will join Bayer at the following events:

“Men with advanced prostate cancer have options, but doctors must first know the disease has progressed to give them the help they need,” said Shannon Campbell, Bayer’s vice president and general manager of oncology.

“During Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, our goal is to help raise awareness not only with the general public about the disease, but also help men who are living with the disease engage in a dialogue with their own doctors about any symptoms they experience that may be related to their prostate cancer.”