Prostate Cancer Patients May Benefit from New Fusion Biopsy Systems by UC-Care

Prostate Cancer Patients May Benefit from New Fusion Biopsy Systems by UC-Care

UC-Care and Axella BioVentures announced the introduction of the Navigo and SmartBx Systems, which they believe to offer the most advanced and accurate means of performing a prostate biopsy currently available, into medical practice in the United States.

Navigo is a device that helps physicians to plan, place, image, and record prostate biospy samples in high-resolution 3-D. It fuses MRI images that have been previously captured with live transrectal ultrasound (TRUS) when the ultrasound transducer is inserted in the tumor site during the biopsy.

Westmed Medical Group, a large multi-specialty group based in New York, was the first to acquire the Navigo system. “It is a refinement and extension of already accepted and standard MRI fusion diagnostic techniques,” Dr. Steven Meixler, co-medical director at Westmed, said in a press release.

Navigo is “the most advanced MRI fusion device and better suited for today’s prostate cancer environment than any alternative MRI fusion device,” added Dr. Judd Boczko, an urologist at Westmed.

The system can also aid in follow-up biopsies in prostate cancer patients under active surveillance, by fusing past and present biopsy techniques. It also works in the absence of an MRI, allowing the 3-D modeling of the prostate and accurate localization of the cancer. This is a major advantage over other currently used fusion biopsies.

Use of Navigo is approved in both the U.S. and the European Union, UC-Care stated on its website.

“With their ease of use and precision performance, this is a powerful clinical tool every urologist should employ in battling prostate cancer,” said Dr. John Valvo, a urologist at Rochester General Hospital and one of the first users of the Navigo system.

SmartBx is designed for improved management and preservation of prostate biopsies acquired with the TRUS procedure. It maintains the biopsy structure, improving physicians’ ability to detect the cancer and aiding in cancer management decision processes, UC-Care reported.

The system allows each biopsy core to be easily downloaded with accurate orientation, which it maintains throughout the entire sample processing in the lab, to improve a pathologist’s assessment of the tumor location.

SmartBx findings can be integrated into the Navigo System, according to UC-Care, the products’ developer.