Smokeless Tobacco, Snus, Seen to Make Prostate Cancer More Deadly for Patients

Smokeless Tobacco, Snus, Seen to Make Prostate Cancer More Deadly for Patients
Snus, a smokeless and moist powder tobacco product that is particularly popular in Sweden but also sold in the United States, increases prostate cancer patients' chances of dying from their disease, and of dying prematurely from any cause, new research reports. The study, "Snus use, smoking and survival among prostate cancer patients," published in the International Journal of Cancer, suggests that its tobacco-related components, especially nicotine, may promote cancer progression independent of tobacco's known dangers when smoked. "Snus has been suggested as a less harmful alternative to smoking because it lacks the combustion products of smoking that are associated with cancer risk. However, we found that men with prostate cancer who used snus were at increased risk of premature death," Kathryn Wilson, a study co-first author and research scientist in the Department of Epidemiology at Harvard Chan School, said in a press release. Snus, often sold in teabag-like sachets, is a powdered tobacco product that is placed under the upper lip for extended periods to allow nicotine to be absorbed. In addition to cigarettes, the potential effects of snus on cancer progression is of interest to health officials, with the study reporting that authorities like the World Health Organization generally suggest snus as a risk-reducing alternative to smoking. Tobacco co
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