New Imaging Technology Shows High Efficiency In Detecting Prostate Cancer

New Imaging Technology Shows High Efficiency In Detecting Prostate Cancer
LLTech announced the publication of a study evaluating the effectiveness of its new imaging technology in the diagnosis of prostate cancer from patient biopsies. The study, "High efficiency for prostate biopsy qualification with full-field OCT after training," published in SPIE Proceedings, shows that the technology, called full-field optical coherence tomography (FFOCT), offers a fast and non-destructive method of obtaining images of biological tissues at ultra-high resolution. In prostate cancer diagnosis involving multiple biopsies, FFOCT can be used to validate the samples just after they are obtained and guide the number of biopsies to be performed. The study took place at the Beijing Hospital of Health Ministry (China), Cochin Hospital (France) and University of California, Los Angeles (USA). Three physicians (two pathologists and one urologist) were trained to read FFOCT images of prostate biopsies in a group of 25 complete images using the Light-CT Scanner solution created by LLTech. They were tested later on a set of 110 anonymous and random images of prostate biopsies. After the training, pathologists achieved 100% sensitivity on high-grade cancer diagnosis and 96% overall specificity. The urologist achieved 88% sensitivity on high-grade cancer and 89% overall specificity. These results show that a training protocol for this new imaging technique can be implemented among physicians, and provide very hig
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