Trial for Prostate Cancer Vaccine Extends Patient Enrollment to Rutgers Cancer Institute

Trial for Prostate Cancer Vaccine Extends Patient Enrollment to Rutgers Cancer Institute
An ongoing Phase 1 clinical trial evaluating the experimental new vaccine MVI-118 for prostate cancer treatment has been extended to Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey. Patient enrollment is currently open. The trial began last year with patient participation at the University of Wisconsin - Madison. The vaccine was created by Madison Vaccines Incorporated (MVI). Initial data from the first 13 patients included in the trial (NCT02411786) was recently presented at the Prostate Cancer Foundation's annual scientific retreat in Carlsbad, California. MVI-118 targets the human androgen receptor, a protein that plays a key role in the progression of prostate cancer and can contribute to the cancer's resistance to therapies. The vaccine was designed to prolong the duration of disease control gained from standard hormone deprivation therapies. “This expanded clinical trial gives us an important opportunity to evaluate the safety of serial vaccinations with the vaccine and to see if we can slow the progression of prostate cancer in patients receiving standard of care therapy for their disease,” Anna Ferrari, MD, the trial's lead researcher at Rutgers Cancer Institute, said in a news release. “A well-tolerated treatment that slows disease progression while it diminishes resistance to current therapies, would be a much-needed addition to our options. We are pleased to give patients here
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