Early Studies of Existing Therapy Show Promise in Treating Nerve Injury Linked to Prostate Removal

Early Studies of Existing Therapy Show Promise in Treating Nerve Injury Linked to Prostate Removal
A drug that has been approved for the treatment of chronic nerve disease such as multiple sclerosis called 4-aminopyridine (4AP) may also be used to repair nerve injury from, for example, prostate surgery, according to a new study. The study, “4‐Aminopyridine Promotes Functional Recovery And Remyelination In Acute Peripheral Nerve Injury,” was published in the journal EMBO Molecular Medicine. The procedure for prostate removal is sometimes associated with nerve damage, which may cause incontinence and erectile dysfunction, thereby increasing the refusal of patients of prostate cancer to accept the surgery. Current treatment of traumatic nerve injury consists of following the patients to see whether the affected nerve can spontaneously recover or if surgery is needed to repair the damage. However, "the patient who may recover is recovering so slowly that nerve-dependent tissues are in jeopardy, and the patient who needs surgery has to wait for weeks for the diagnosis that surgery is appropriate,” John Elfar, one of the senior authors of the study, said in a news release. “That delay means that surgery is less effective." But his team found evidence that 4AP may be a potential way to help the body accelerate the repair of nerve injuries. When traumatic nerve injury occurs, the myelin sheath — the material that surrounds and protects nerve fibers — is affected, and so is the activity of the nerve cells. In mice, daily treatment with 4AP prom
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  1. Alan Breslin says:

    I had a radical prostatectomy over fours year now and still suffer with neuropathic pain in my urethra .I am taking neurostil(gabapentin)300mg x 3;palexia sr100 x 2; and amitriptyline 25mg x 2 and it barely keeps pain at bay. A little too much exercise ,short wall sitting too long will set the pain off.

    Does anyone know what can be done.I have two caudel epidurals and also three sets of lidocaine and keratin infusion which helped to ease the pain but is not gone.
    Does anyone have any similar experience and can anything else be done

    • Jay M says:

      Yes I was told by the VA That treated me I had prostate cancer
      with two limp-notes to be removed This was done 2012 I was then
      told by the Dr. I would be ok just give it time to heal. As time went on the healing became worse My left side swollen from my foot to my neck. It was so bad that my legs opened up. Giving me lymphoma…Where now I needed woon’s care The Swelling was so bad. I’d also received a hurnia due to the pain and stress over this. The mesh that was implanted later became hurtful. I made many complaints; but was only put off with the lack of real help All I can do now is feel the burning pain each day needles and pins that never go away I go the the bath room every 15 minutes. The more I ask for help the more they do not want to help me that they causes. I blame myself for even letting them talk me into cutting into me to fix my problem they insisted I had If I only knew this before the operation I’d go lazier…All the med’s I’ve taken only the blood pressure pills work to keep me from loosing my mind I have lost everything else Only God can help me now It made me think can they sell you’re prostate to some one who need it badly cos they do not show you once it is taken I ask to see mine They said we forgot. My thought then how can I know what cancer was or if any? The medication the gentlemen above is speaking of did not help me either I have enough pills to make my own pharmacy I ask for pain pills they give me. It’s all in your
      mind pills so you will just go away I cant work I cant play I can’t run I can’t even pick up things on the floor. Simple things for give my spelling the pain is to much to go on I’m just glad that I’m alive… I just wish I had the right Dr.
      who knew what he/she was doing Now I wait to see If the VA will help me before I pass away God Bless America

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