It’s a Choice: Enhance — or Kill — Your Joy This Holiday Season

It’s a Choice: Enhance — or Kill — Your Joy This Holiday Season
Living & Loving with Prostate Cancer In November, Hallmark began the countdown to Christmas with special holiday movies. I'm a sucker for all the movies about a single, widowed or a divorced parent finding love during the holiday season. I'm not ashamed to admit I enjoy stories with happily-ever-after endings. Deep in our hearts there is a strong desire to experience a Hallmark Holiday. That's why I believe coping with prostate cancer during the holidays can dampen your experience of joy. As I’ve observed my own behavior during the holidays, I’ve discovered what I call "joy killers" and "joy enhancers."

Joy Killers:

* Clinging to the expectation you deserve a Hallmark Holiday while raging against your current circumstances. * Trying to forget about your current reality is a great way to develop an obsession with your current reality. * Withdrawing from friends and family. * Using alcohol or drugs to numb your feelings.

Joy Enhancers:

* Treat yourself and others in your life with kindness, compassion, tenderness and love. * Take time to acknowledge and grieve the losses you face this year as a result of cancer. * Don't push yourself or expect to do everything you are accustomed to doing. For example, you might not be physically or emotionally ready to go to the office Christmas Party or drive/fly long distances to be with family. * Limit your activities to a few things you'll truly enjoy. * Spend time with the people you love. * If you are able, do somethin
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