5 Important Aspects of Prostate Cancer Clinical Trials

3. Not All Prostate Cancer Clinical Trials are the Same

Even if the patient has decided they want to participate in a prostate cancer clinical trial, it's important they talk to their physician. Inclusion in a clinical trial depends on numerous factors, including the motivation for enrolling in a trial, the stage of the prostate cancer, and the trials available. Patients need to understand that not all prostate cancer trials are the same. There are different types of prostate cancer studies, different areas of prostate cancer intervention, and different phases of each trial. All of these should be understood before enrolling in a study. Find out more about the different types of clinical trials for prostate cancer.
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  1. Dan says:

    I am in a clincal trial now for an added procedure as part of HDR brachytherapy. I like the idea of trying something new that will benefit others down the road.

    • Tim Bossie says:

      That is great to hear Dan! Clinical trials are so very important in this fight against prostate cancer… and any other disease really.

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