Results of Phase 3 Study of Immunotherapy Prostvac for Advanced Prostate Cancer Due at Year’s End

Results of Phase 3 Study of Immunotherapy Prostvac for Advanced Prostate Cancer Due at Year’s End
Bavarian Nordic announced that full data from its Phase 3 study assessing the effectiveness of its immunotherapy candidate, Prostvac, to improve survival in people with metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer (mCRPC) is now expected late in 2017, with a third interim analysis likely to be released at mid-year. The company pushed back the expected release dates based on a decline in the number

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  1. Daniel Long says:

    I read with optimism the results of prostvac. It sounds encouraging until get to the last part where the overall survival rate was extended by only 8 1/2 months.

    That isn’t exactly a great picker upper!

    • bobl says:

      Don’t let that worry you too much, often the people chosen as in this case have advanced castrate resistant cancer and extensive metastatic invasion. They are terminal patients. If you are not in this group then it is very likely that this in combination with some other promising therapies such as DEP docitaxel or combo of ADT, DEP docitaxel and Prostvac could induce long term remission in many less advanced patients. Not only that I have high hopes that Prostvac might be useful in preventing metatstasis preventing localised cancers from spreading.

      The phase 1 study estimated that your ability to elliminate cancer was enhanced over 6 fold by Prostvac, that can’t be a bad thing.

      • Daniel Long says:


        Thanks Bob. That is good to learn. I have advanced prostate cancer. Removal of prostate, Seminole vessel, and lympnode. So far lupron injections have kept things in check, but always looking for cure. Am I expecting too much?

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