Prostate Cancer Stories: Bill’s Robotic Prostatectomy

This video from John Hopkins Medicine shares Bill Shipp’s story. Bill is a lawyer and championship swimmer who fought prostate cancer. Debunk ten of the most common prostate cancer myths. At the age of 50, a routine check up showed Bill had elevated PSA levels and his primary care doctor recommended he see a urologist. The doctors at

Knowledge is power when living with prostate cancer.

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  1. Lawrence Glickman says:

    Robotic surgery is one of many prostate cancer treatments that can be appropriate depending on the stage of the disease. However it is my experience that Doctors generally recomend their own specialty. Men need to know that complete removal of the prostate will have some sexual side effects often leading to impotency and or incontinence and while new “nerve sparing” operations have limited some side effects the ratio is still about 50-50 that you will suffer these problems. There are many new “Focal” (localized) treatments such as HIFU, CRYO, and the new TOOKAD which was recently successfully tested (stage 3 tests) at Sloan Kettering that offer freedom from Chemo therapy, surgery and radiation plus one day treatments and few side effects. Most men should be made aware of these treatments before choosing robotic surgery.

    • Tim Bossie says:

      Absolutely true. There is no “one all, be all” when it comes to treatments. Men must educate themselves, ask questions and not feel intimidated by the doctors and simply acquiesce to a certain treatment.

  2. Chris O'Neill says:

    “the minimally invasive treatment”

    Radical prostatectomy a minimally invasive treatment? You cannot be serious. Part of the full name, “radical”, should give you a hint.

    • Tim Bossie says:

      Hi Chris… while we do enjoy your comments you must know that this video is not our own production. The copy with the video is based on the information given within the experience of that one person in that one video.

      • Chris O'Neill says:

        “this video is not our own production”

        It would be good if you included a disclaimer that the claims you are quoting such as “minimally invasive treatment” for example are not endorsed by this blog and are the responsibility of those being quoted.

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