Gene-regulator Therapy Could Help Keep Prostate Cancer from Spreading, Study Says

Gene-regulator Therapy Could Help Keep Prostate Cancer from Spreading, Study Says
Researchers have pinpointed a naturally occurring molecule that limits the invasive capacity of prostate cancer, suggesting that treating patients with a man-made version of the factor could prevent the cancer from spreading. The study, “MicroRNA-141 suppresses prostate cancer stem cells and metastasis by targeting a cohort of pro-metastasis genes,” was published in the journal Nature

Knowledge is power when living with prostate cancer.

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Magdalena holds an MSc in Pharmaceutical Bioscience and an interdisciplinary PhD merging the fields of psychiatry, immunology and neuropharmacology. Her previous research focused on metabolic and immunologic changes in psychotic disorders. She is now focusing on science writing, allowing her to culture her passion for medical science and human health.

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  1. Jeremy R says:

    I dont know about this therapy but I will for sure research more info about it; I believe natural treatmens are better. I have been dealing with prostate problems for a couple of years, I am on my 50s already so I guess it’s pretty normal, I spent many time on internet researching for ways to cure it and I tried many things but it was so frustrating because they didnt help me, my urologist recommended me some medicaments and I tried some but it was such a waste of money I gave up, I was frustrated until my friend told me about his experience and how a natural supplement named alpharise helped him so I decided to try it and its really good, it helped me so much, I am happy with the results now i am trying to complement it with a healthy alimentation and avoiding alcohol and smoking.

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