7 Sports to Help You Through Prostate Cancer

According to National Cancer Institute, several studies have shown that exercise is effective for decreasing the risk of prostate cancer, hastening prostate cancer recovery, and lowering the chances for prostate cancer reoccurrence. One study found that rigorous exercise, such as participating in a competitive sport, appears to hinder prostate cancer progression in men over the age of 65.

Here’s how several sports measure up when it comes to major league health benefits:


1. Baseball

Camaraderie and team play is great for personal morale. Even if you lose the game, you’ve still spent an enjoyable few hours exercising with friends who help keep your mind occupied and your spirits high.

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2. Football

Football certainly counts as vigorous exercise. Running, jumping, catching, and throwing are great ways to keep your weight in check.

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3. Soccer

You don’t have to Bend it Like Beckham to get the benefits of kicking a soccer ball around. Try teaching your kids or grandchildren how to stop, pass, and shoot while keeping your blood pressure down.

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4. Tennis

Tennis is a game that can be played as a gentle knock-about with a friend or as a full-on competitive match—whatever suits you best as long as you’re moving and enjoying.

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5. Basketball

Basketball is another great way to get cardio exercise while playing with your kids or grandkids. They might be able to dribble circles around you, but can they shoot through the hoop like you?

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6. Martial Arts

Whether you want to stretch and relax your mind with tai chi or you would rather indulge in a more strenuous karate routine, martial arts combines strength and stress relief with physical activity. It’s perfect for taking your mind off anything that’s bothering you.

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7. Running

You are never too old to put on a pair of sneakers and start running. If you’re new to running why not download an app that takes you through 5K training? Or just enjoy jogging through the fresh air at a local park while keeping your health in check.

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