8 Ways to Feel Happier

It can sometimes be a challenge to look on the bright side when you have a chronic illness, but spending time doing things that make you happy will help keep depression at bay, help you come to terms with your illness better and begin enjoying life again. To help you feel happier, we've put together a list of eight simple things that you can do based on information from livestrong.com. Plan Something Special This can be anything from going on a trip somewhere you've always wanted to visit to doing something extraordinary like taking a helicopter ride. Having something to look forward to in the near future is a great way to stay positive and be optimistic. The planning and preparations are part of the fun too and provide a welcome distraction.   Make a Playlist There are many apps now that give us access to a huge library of music. Make a playlist of all of your favorite songs, spanning your lifetime and include some songs which have happy memories attached to them. Anytime you feel down, turn on the playlist and listen to one of those happy memory songs for an instant mood lift. Exercise Exercise is a great moo
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  1. ralph russo says:

    80 in June – past ALL tests- (twice) Biopsy-Mri- Pet scan- Bone scans-Ct — numbers still climbing – from .04 (3 years ago) to 33. ????????????? Any comments????

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