Prostate Cancer: Could You Be at Risk?

Prostate cancer is the second most common cancer in men after skin cancer and the second leading cause of cancer-related deaths after lung cancer. But what are the odds that you'll develop the disease? They could be much higher than you think. We've put together a list of risks using information from Prostate Cancer UK and the National Cancer Institute. Read 10 tips to reduce your risk of developing cancer.  How many men get cancer? One in eight men in the U.K. and one in seven men in the U.S. will develop prostate cancer. However, if you're a black man you have an even higher chance of developing the disease at one in four. Is there an average age? It's rare for men under the age of 50 to develop prostate cancer, but it does happen. The average age of diagnosis is 66. The older a man gets, the higher his risk is of developing the disease. Doctors usually advise yearly PSA checks after the age of 50, or 45 if you're black or there's a family history of cancer. Do genetics play a role? Family history can play a part in increasing your chances of developing prostate cancer. If a close male relative (father, uncle, brother) has had the disease, you are two and half times more likely to develop prostate cancer. In addition, if close female family members have had breast cancer—particularly if it was due to BRCA1 or BRCA2 genes then this may also increase your risk. Does weight matter? Research has found that having a healthy body weight reduces your chances of getting prostate cancer and th
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  1. Chris O'Neill says:

    “One in eight men in the U.K. and one in seven men in the U.S. will develop prostate cancer.”

    No. Most men over 50 have prostate cancer. The above is the number of men diagnosed with prostate cancer.

  2. SUE Mather says:

    Prostate cancer can be cured with a early diagnosis. The main cause of late stage cancer is still due the American and Canadian Task Force that still recommend aginst screening . They still continue with the argument that men are over treated when the diagnosis of cancer is there . Had my husband Dave been given screening for Prostate cancer he may have been here today . If cancer on either side genitically runs in your family know your psa #. Get screened …stage 2 is fixable stage 4 out side the prostate what Dave had was a death sentence

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