Diamondbacks Coach Ron Gardenhire Diagnosed With Prostate Cancer

The coach of the Arizona Diamondbacks, Ron Gardenhire, has been diagnosed with prostate cancer, according to a report from NBC Sports. The 59-year-old is currently in his first season as coach of the Diamondbacks, having spent the previous 13 years coaching rival team the Minnesota Twins. Find out what your risk of developing prostate cancer is

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  1. Lawrence Glickman says:

    I wish the coach well. However if indeed his cancer is organ confined and early stage with a low gleeson score I wonder if he was made aware of the less invasive treatments that show equal success. Today Prostate cancer is a fragmented industry and Doctors tend to offer only what they are familiar with. With Toocad Cyber kife, and others that will not destroy your potency its time to demand a thorough review of all treatments for patients.

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