Most Men With Prostate Cancer Avoid Treating Erectile Dysfunction

Most Men With Prostate Cancer Avoid Treating Erectile Dysfunction
Living & Loving with Prostate Cancer Men diagnosed with prostate cancer earned the dubious distinction of being identified as the group least likely to treat their erectile dysfunction. In a 2013 study, Brian Helfand, MD, PhD, an assistant clinical professor of urology at Northshore University Health System and the University of Chicago reviewed the medical records of more than six million men diagnosed with erectile dysfunction. Among those diagnosed with prostate cancer, he found only 15% of the men given a prescription for ED medication actually filled their prescription, which means 85% did not. Those dismal statistics are about the men who actually went for help. It doesn’t include the group of men who don’t seek help. If you add in the number of men who refuse to get help, you are left with the inescapable conclusion that the overwhelming majority of men with prostate cancer, who also are coping with ED, do not get any form of treatment for their erectile dysfunction. This is bad news since ED affects a man’s self esteem, confidence, manhood, relationship with his partner, and also his performance at work. I was in the small group of men who decided to aggressively treat their ED, I used the following:
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  1. Dennis Savini says:

    Why would you prescribe testosterone to a prostate cancer patient, I’ve been told testosterone feeds thre prostate cancer. I have agressive advanced prostate cancer, for almost a year now, did not like their treatment options, I’m 68. Have been strictly on a vegan diet, lost 25 lbs. no ED. Have trouble urinating sometimes, dry orgasms, a couple a week. Take CO. Orally and suppositories, my pas is high 21 but has remained stable at that number for 8 months now. Wish I never had the biopsy, had NO issues before that!

    • Curtis Kendrick says:

      What sort of issues did you experience as a result of the Biopsy? I’m scheduled for one myself in about 3 weeks & am a little nervous about it…

  2. Mark Honey says:

    I would agree with Dennis, I have heard that you shouldn’t prescribe testosterone as it can feed prostate cancer and make it worse. What is your response to that Rick?

  3. Reed Love says:

    I am currently going through a rough time in my relationship and this article couldn’t have came at a more reasonable time, I have been so upset with heartache for a couple of days now as me and my partner have decided to go separate ways. This wasn’t just any ordinary relationship, this was a bond between two people that I believed to have been incredible, however, after a while the true colors started to shine and they started to be abusive….. they even started to meet up and have sex with other people. What would you advise to any person that’s currently upset from a relationship that’s ended due to being cheated on with someone else? The first four years of the relationship was absolutely superb, it was the best relationship in fact, we would go to the movies, go for cock tails, be very loving, but it’s almost like they changed overnight into another human (honestly!). It would be amazing to hear back from you. (I would love to speak to someone about this). xx

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