Prostate Cancer: It’s Not Just an Old Man’s Disease

While the risk of prostate cancer does increase with age, men in their 40s and 50s can still be diagnosed with the disease, affecting some as young as 30. Certain factors will increase your risk of getting prostate cancer such as your ethnicity and if there is a family history of prostate, ovarian or breast cancer.

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A bowling club in New South Wales, Australia is raising money for an early detection machine for prostate cancer. According to a report in the Central Western Daily, the Orange Canobolas Lions club wanted to help raise awareness of the disease among younger men, many of whom believe that prostate cancer only happens to old men.

The bowling club hopes to raise  AUD $150,000 (US $113,000) to buy the machine for their local health authority. It’s hoped the machine will encourage more men to come forward who might otherwise be put off by a physical exam.

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