7 Tips to Help You Find the Right Oncologist

After being diagnosed with cancer, the first thing to do is find a good oncologist. Cancer treatment is tough, so it’s important to find an oncologist who supports and cares for their patients in a way you would want to be supported and cared for. We’ve put together a list of tips for finding the right oncologist with information from cancerdocs.org. Search for local oncologists. 

Knowledge is power when living with prostate cancer.

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  1. Lawrence Glickman says:

    Here is the main thing to look for in a Prostate Cancer Doctor. What is the range of options he is offering? Is he up to date on all new treatments? Or is he “selling” the one specialty he is familiar with. The severity of your condition may create different opportunities for less invasive treatments if it is organ confined. Finally how is he “staging” your case? Does he use PCA3,advanced MRI plus Ultrasound? Collor doppler Ultrasound? Or is he just using 12 needle biopsy and PSA? Lastly don’t be fooled most treatments will have sexual consequences at a 50% probability thats why rushing into surgery or massive radiation should only be used when necessary. Ask for the actual statistics for these problems before agreeing to treatment. There are many new less invasive treatments. Do your research.

  2. Chris Timmins says:

    When I questioned using the 12 needles first I was told this is what he does first. I did ask about some of the lesser ways of finding out what I may have,and they did not like me questioning them.

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