Actress Sharon Stone and Stylist Chaz Dean Honored for Their Cancer Work

Actress Sharon Stone and Stylist Chaz Dean Honored for Their Cancer Work

Actress Sharon Stone and celebrity stylist Chaz Dean have been recognized for their breast- and prostate-cancer-fighting efforts.

The Associates for Breast and Prostate Cancer Studies gave Stone its Mother of the Year Award and Dean its Humanitarian Award. The presentations came at the organization’s 16th Annual Mother’s Day luncheon in Beverly Hills on May 10.

“Both our honorees are incredible role models and have demonstrated a long-standing commitment to health and wellness in the community,” Gloria E. Gebbia, the organization’s president, said in a press release. “Their mutual commitment to giving back through a host of worthwhile endeavors symbolizes the very best of what our achievement awards represent.”

Established in 1990, the organization has evolved from supporting charities to supporting breast- and prostate-cancer treatment innovation and research. It has raised more than $16 million for research at the John Wayne Cancer Institute at Saint John’s Health Center in Los Angeles.

“Because cancer impacts so many families, we chose the theme of Mother’s Day to underscore the cancer fighting initiatives under way at the John Wayne Cancer Institute,” Gebbia said. “We are grateful to all of the supporters, sponsors and volunteers . . . who sustain and support the life-saving research underway there, and invite others to join our endeavor to eradicate cancer, which does not discriminate and impacts people across all socio-economic and other demographics.”

The institute was founded in 1981 in memory of legendary actor John Wayne, who died of stomach cancer in 1979. It has become a cancer treatment, research and education leader.

Doctors at the institute have access to cutting-edge information and tools for cancer awareness, detection, treatment, and research. The facility treats more than 7,500 patients a year.

The institute focuses on learning more about the complexity of cancers, in particular melanoma, breast cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer, neuroendocrine cancer, gastrointestinal cancer, and sarcoma.

Associates for Breast and Prostate Cancer Studies “is a dynamic group which plays an extraordinary role in funding vital medical research” at the John Wayne Cancer Institute, said Patrick Wayne, the organization’s chairman.

The associates have “produced tangible results over the years,” Wayne said. “Yet there is still a great deal of crucial work to be done in cancer prevention, detection and treatment, and our commitment to finding cures is unwavering.”

Associates for Breast and Prostate Cancer Studies will hold a 28th Annual Talk of The Town Gala in Los Angeles on Nov. 18 to support of the institute’s work.

“We are very excited about our next Talk of the Town gala, as we have special guests and surprises lined up for a fabulous evening in support of this most important work,” Gebbia said.