Prostate Cancer Screening Benefits Depend on Men’s View of Treatment Side Effects

Prostate Cancer Screening Benefits Depend on Men’s View of Treatment Side Effects
The benefits of prostate cancer screening are most evident in men with a family history of prostate cancer, according to a study that simulated the benefits and harms of screening under various circumstances. Interestingly, while screening reduced the risk of dying from prostate cancer, it had a negative impact on men without a known cancer risk, said the study, which appeared in the journal BMC Public Health. "Currently, there is no reliable method to distinguish clinically relevant from clinically irrelevant tumors," Dr. Uwe Siebert, a professor at Austria's Tyrolean Health and Life Sciences University (UMIT), said in a press release. “In consequence, also clinically irrelevant tumors may be treated, which unnecessarily exposes the affected patients to the unfortunately not uncommon long-term treatment complications such as erectile dysfunction, incontinence and bowel dysfunction," added Siebert, who is also president-elect of the Society for Medical Decision Making. The study, “Benefits and harms of prostate cancer screening – predictions of the ONCOTYROL prostate cancer outcome and policy model,” attempted to tackle the issue of overdiagnosi
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