How to Cope Constructively with Pre-Surgery Anxiety

How to Cope Constructively with Pre-Surgery Anxiety

Living & Loving with Prostate Cancer

If you're scheduled for a prostatectomy or any other surgery, it's highly likely you will experience a range of mild to severe anxiety or fear for days, weeks, or months prior to surgery. While pre-surgery anxiety is well-known among healthcare professionals, the majority of folks scheduled for surgery are left on their own to cope unless they ask for specific help.

I'm blessed with a wife who has a wonderful sense of humor. So, before one of my previous surgeries, we decided to hold a contest to determine which one of us had the longest list of pre-surgery fears. Since both of us are highly skilled worriers and a tad competitive, we both declared ourselves the winner. When we combined our lists, here’s what we came up with:

Common pre-surgery fears

  • The fear of dying on the operating table.
  • The fear of losing control once you are given anesthesia.
  • The fear of waking up in the middle of the procedure.
  • The fear that the surgeon will make a mistake or the surgery won't go well.
  • The fear of temporary or permanent postoperative changes.
  • The fear of postoperative pain.
  • The fe
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