Coping with the Physiological Aspects of Feeling Worn

Coping with the Physiological Aspects of Feeling Worn
Living & Loving with Prostate Cancer When it comes to treating my prostate cancer, I consider myself fortunate, because the cancer was contained within my prostate. The need for radiation, chemotherapy, or hormone treatment was unnecessary. I learned what I'm about to share from my personal experiences with an adverse reaction I had to a medication to control the overproduction of bile from my liver after my gallbladder surgery. For one month, a brand medication was managing my symptoms perfectly. On month two, I wanted to reduce my out-of-pocket costs for this prescription. I asked my surgeon to prescribe a generic version of that medication. Within 24 hours after starting the generic medication, my symptoms began. Here's the list of issues that completely wore me down within 48 hours:
  1. Loose, bile-filled stools every 20-30 minutes, around the clock for two consecutive days.
  2. Rectal pain and bleeding.
  3. Nausea and vomiting.
  4. Two sleepless nights.
  5. Total loss of appetite.
I could not believe how fast I'd deteriorated from good health to feeling as if I was bedridden. If you're coping with cancer or side effects from treatment, there are three important areas you need to attend to:


An adequate amount of sleep is vital to your health, energy level, mood, and sense of well-being. After my prostate surgery, I ca
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