Long-Term Data Further Confirm SpaceOAR Hydrogel Quality-of-Life Benefits

Long-Term Data Further Confirm SpaceOAR Hydrogel Quality-of-Life Benefits
Prostate cancer patients who received the SpaceOAR hydrogel before radiation therapy continue to report benefits five years after treatment, including better urinary and sexual function, a new study reported. The study titled, “Quality of Life After Radiation Therapy for Prostate Cancer With a Hydrogel Spacer: 5-Year Results,” was published in the International Journal of Radiation Oncology: Biology, Physics. “These long-term results further validate previous 3-year data of the SpaceOAR System and highlight the long-term bowel and sexual Quality of Life benefits it can provide to prostate cancer patients who are treated with radiother
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  1. Stephen B. Strum, MD, FACP says:

    What I have noted in following patients who have received IMRT as definitive treatment for PC is that despite IMRT being an advance over conventional RT, and perhaps 3D conformal radiation therapy (3DCRT) in general, there are too many men who become hypogonadal in the years following RT. The ↑ occurrence of bladder cancer also speaks to the radiation scatter (most likely) to adjacent tissues (e.g., bladder, rectal wall, gonads, penile bulb). What would be important to check with these authors & others using SpaceOAR is whether baseline free & total testosterone were obtained and follow-up studies as well as the same for LH and FSH.
    I will have to read the full article to understand the composition of SpaceOAR. Perhaps a similar concept should be employed to ↓ rectal toxicity from men undergoing cryotherapy for PC. I am also assuming that men undergoing brachytherapy might also be studied.

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