New Analysis Contradicts Previous Finding of No Benefit in Prostate Surgery for Early-Stage Patients

New Analysis Contradicts Previous Finding of No Benefit in Prostate Surgery for Early-Stage Patients
A new analysis of three large U.S. cancer databases indicates that a previous influential study that found no benefit to prostate surgery in the early stages of cancer does not reflect real-world patients. Contrary to what the study suggested, men with localized prostate cancer might benefit from prostate surgery, or prostatectomy. A definitive study is now needed to show the relative benefits of intervention versus observation, researchers say. The findings, by researchers at the Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, were recently presented at the European Association of Urology congress (EAU) after publication as a letter, titled “Re: Follow-up of Prostatectomy Versus Observation for Early Prostate Cancer,” in the journal European Urology. Researchers’ analysis show that the PIVOT study (NCT00007644), the results of which were published in 2017 in the 
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  1. Chris O'Neill says:

    No the new analysis does not contradict the previous finding of no benefit in prostate surgery for early-stage patients. It merely points out a factor that might have prevented the previous study from discovering benefit.

    A “contradiction” would amount to proving benefit where there was previously proof that there was no benefit. Neither of these things has happened.

    This blog is very heavily weighted toward spin.

  2. josep says:

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