IsoRay’s New Delivery System for Prostate Cancer Brachytherapy Set for Summer Release

IsoRay’s New Delivery System for Prostate Cancer Brachytherapy Set for Summer Release
IsoRay is getting ready to release a new delivery system for real-time prostate cancer brachytherapy called Build-Blu, the company recently announced. Brachytherapy is a type of radiation therapy that involves placing radioactive implants, or seeds, directly onto tumors to improve the efficiency of higher doses of radiation while limiting side effects and the overall duration of treatment. The Build-Blu system is a disposable, next-generation, seed stranding device, which enables the affordable building of custom strands with Cesium-131 isotopes right in the operating room, according to IsoRay. In this way, clinicians can tailor the procedure to the patient’s anatomy in real time, IsoRay says. The new system will provide an alternative to intra-operative techniques, which are estimated to account for about 25 percent of the brachytherapy market. Previous research showed that Cesium-131 is more cost-effective and causes fewer side effects than other treatments. One important feature is shorter recuperation periods, which means that patients are able to recover their urinary, bowel, and sexual functions quicker than with other brachytherapy alternatives. Prior data also demonstrated Cesium-131's long-term effectiveness, with only 14% of treated patients ex
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