MDxHealth Announces Global Rights to Market Philips’ Prostate Cancer Prognostic Test

MDxHealth Announces Global Rights to Market Philips’ Prostate Cancer Prognostic Test
MDxHealth recently signed an agreement that gives it the worldwide licensing rights to manufacture and market its prostate cancer prognostic test that uses Philips' recently validated biomarker PDE4D7. MDxHealth will start preparing for the launch of its InformMDx  prognostic test, which will help evaluate a patient's risk of disease worsening and development of secondary tumors. "This is an exciting deal, which moves us a step closer towards launching InformMDx, our fourth commercial test which we believe will be valuable in providing physicians with critical information required to make informed therapeutic decisions for men recently diagnosed with prostate cancer," Jan Groen, CEO of MDxHealth, said in a press release. "In line with our growth strategy, MDxHealth will continue to expand the range and reach of our diagnostic offering as the demand for actionable and cost-effective diagnosis and patient-monitoring grows across healthcare systems globally," Groen added. PDE4D7 was recently validated as a prognostic tool for prostate cancer in a 503 patient study published in the journal European Urology Focus. The title of the study is “Valid
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