3 in 4 Americans Unaware Early Prostate Cancer Doesn’t Have Noticeable Symptoms, Study Finds

3 in 4 Americans Unaware Early Prostate Cancer Doesn’t Have Noticeable Symptoms, Study Finds
There is still a significant lack of understanding about prostate cancer and its symptoms among people in the U.S., even though more than three million American men are diagnosed with the disease every year, an awareness report from the Prostate Cancer Foundation (PCF) shows. According to the report, "PCF 3P Report 2018: Public Perception of Prostate Cancer," nearly three in four Americans (69%) are unaware that early-stage prostate cancer does not present noticeable symptoms, and fewer than one-third (28%) know that men could receive screening with a simple blood test. “The PCF 3P Report illustrates the profound need for more prostate cancer health education and awareness," Jonathan W. Simons, MD, president and CEO of the Prostate Cancer Foundation, said in a press release. "Men need to understand that if they are in an at-risk group or over 50, they should be discussing prostate cancer screening options with their primary care physician as one in nine of them will be diagnosed. This is critical information that will help save men’s lives," Simons said. To understand how the public perceives prostate cancer, the PCF surveyed more than 2,000 adult men and women across the U.S. Participants were ages 18 and older, including millennials — ages 21 to 37 — gen-Xers, ages 38 to 53 — and baby boomer
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