Patient Survey Sheds Light on Emotional and Overall Impact of Prostate Cancer

Patient Survey Sheds Light on Emotional and Overall Impact of Prostate Cancer
Men who are diagnosed with prostate cancer at later stages of the disease are more likely to say that their disease has affected several aspects of their life, including their self-esteem, how they share feelings with others, and how they feel about their sexual health, a survey found. Conducted by Health Union, the data collected via the online survey Prostate Cancer in America 2019 sheds light on prostate cancer patients’ experiences and emotions. The study enrolled 1,162 U.S. participants from last September to the end of January 2019, and focused on further understanding how prostate cancer and its side effects (long after treatment is completed) can have an enduring impact on quality of life and mental health, particularly for those initially diagnosed with advanced disease. Survey questions covered treatment decisions and regrets, changes in sex life, self-esteem, the power of hope and acceptance, and emotional support. Overall, the survey showed that patients diagnosed at earlier stages of prostate cancer tended to have markedly different experiences than those first diagnosed at more advanced stages. Patients first diagnosed at stage 1 or 2 were more likely to say that their disease would not affect th
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