Add-on Onvansertib Overcomes Resistance to Zytiga in mCRPC, Early Data Show

Add-on Onvansertib Overcomes Resistance to Zytiga in mCRPC, Early Data Show
Adding the investigational oral therapy onvansertib to a regimen of Zytiga (abiraterone acetate) and prednisone overcomes resistance to Zytiga in men with metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer (mCRPC), according to early results of a Phase 2 clinical trial. The study (NCT03414034) is testing whether a once-daily dose of Trovagene’s onvansertib is beneficial in adults with mCRPC who experienced cancer progression on Janssen’s Zytiga and prednisone. Patient enrollment is ongoing, for a planned total of 64 participants. (More information about contacts and the three U.S. locations is available here.) Patients with mCRPC typically develop resistance to standard-of-care medications such as Zytiga — an androgen-receptor signaling (ARS) inhibitor — within nine to 15 months of beginning treatment. In some cases, resistance develops when cells produce a variant of the androgen receptor, called AR-V7, that lacks the domain targeted by current androgen receptor inhibitors. In other cases, cancer cells overproduce the androgen receptor. In the ongoing Phase 2 trial, patients are receiving a blood test to determine if they have the AR-V7 variant. So far, the four
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