Outracing Prostate Cancer: What Helped Tommy Back on Track?

Prostate cancer is a serious disease that tends to affect older men, but all men are at risk of developing the disease regardless of age. Because prostate cancer often has no symptoms it can be difficult to diagnose and is therefore often diagnosed when it is already at a late stage.

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In this video from the Mayo Clinic, shared in August 2015, meet Tommy Archer, a professional racer who was diagnosed with an aggressive form of prostate cancer back in 2012. After his diagnosis, Tommy had to quit racing up until he had fully recovered, which happened with the help of the Mayo Clinic and its medical innovations.

“Every night you go to bed, you’re thinking there’s a Pacman inside you, but you don’t know where, but he’s gonna get me if we don’t get him first”, says Archer. Watch the video and find out about his story and how he got back to the racing track.

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