Hormone Therapy for Prostate Cancer

In this Clinical Cancer Trial’s video shared in December 2012, Dr. Tom Beer, professor of medicine and leader of the prostate cancer program at the Knight Cancer Institute, discusses hormonal therapy for prostate cancer.

Read how hormone therapy along with radiation therapy can cut in half the risk of death in aggressive local prostate cancer. 

Because prostate cancer relies on testosterone to grow, hormone treatment can be used instead of chemotherapy in some cases. Beer talks about the treatment and how some of the associated effects can be eased.

“In prostate cancer we can manipulate the levels of male hormones in the system, essentially to starve the cancer“.

Read about a study in which researchers have found that testosterone can suppress some types of advanced forms of prostate cancer.


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  1. Brian Haselum says:

    I am currently on a program treatment of both Docetaxel and Goselerin, I have been on the chemo since 15/8 and commenced the .hormone treat 5/9 . My PSA at commencement was1.4 . I have recurrent PC which had spread to just one area in my spine, that treated with stereotactic radiation therapy last April. PET PSMA scan showed no indication of further metastasis.
    The treatment currently running is the result of two trials , one in the USA ( Chaarted) the other in the U.K. ( Stampede) . My last PSA result this week shows a lowering to 0.30. I have three more doses of Docetaxel bringing the total to 6 doses. Side effects minimal, for both Docetaxel and Goselerin, results of trials indicate an improvement in the overall survival rate

  2. Lawrence Glickman says:

    Hormone therapy is a disaster over the long term unless the newest advances in nano therapy that targets the Triglyceride connection for prostate cancer goes mainstream and is perfected. My Father died of prostate cancer over 14 years in a slow and painful death from hormone therapy and my brother recovered from early and aggressive radiation treatment. Doctors like to tout a near zero PSA after initial hormone treatment but they usually fail to tell you that that hormone therapy leaves the hormone resistant cells to grow and eventually metastasis travel to your bones for a sure death. The recent trend towards “watchful waiting” and negativity towards the PSA test and early and aggressive treatment is a disgrace as the 5-10 year results show. Men are living longer these days and the old comment that you will die from something else is outdated and insulting. Get tested with a PSA PCa3 test and biopsy if your PSA is rising and get early and aggressive treatment like Ben Stiller and avoid hormone treatment except as a last resort if you have waited too long for treatment.

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