6 Common Chemotherapy Side Effects

One of the most common therapies used to treat prostate cancer is chemotherapy.  Chemotherapy attacks cancer cells but it also attacks other cells in the body, so most people who undergo chemo will experience some side effects. Most side effects subside fairly quickly after treatment ends, according to the American Cancer Society. Here are some of the most common side effects caused by chemotherapy:

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1. Hair, Skin and Nails

In addition to killing off cancer cells, chemotherapy also target healthy cells. Fast-growing cells such as those in hair follicles, the mouth, digestive tract, reproductive organs, and bone marrow cells are particularly impacted. Hair loss is a well-known side effect probably because it is so visible, but patients also struggle with sore and dry skin, brittle nails, and skin discoloration.

Learn 8 facts about chemotherapy and side effects here.

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