Overcoming Prostate Cancer-Related Fatigue

In this Memorial Sloan Kettering video shared in August 2015, we find out more about cancer fatigue. The film explains why cancer patients suffer from fatigue and ways that you can overcome fatigue during and after treatment. Gentle exercise and plenty of rest are the most effective ways to fight fatigue, as well as trying to keep stress levels as low as possible and taking time out to do things that you enjoy, like going to the movies or catching up with friends.

Discover some simple ways to help you de-stress when you have cancer. 

The film explains that cancer treatments as well as infections, pain, anemia and not eating enough, can all contribute to cancer-related fatigue and offers practical advice for everyday tasks to counter the fatigue and get back to fighting fit again as soon as possible.

Read about seven benefits of a nutritious diet when you have prostate cancer. 

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