Researchers Find Prostate Cancer Can Spread From Different Metastatic Locations

Researchers Find Prostate Cancer Can Spread From Different Metastatic Locations
shutterstock_134840537Findings from a recent genomic study published in Nature provide more evidence on the migration of prostate cancer metastatic cells to different parts of the body, forming new tumor sites that can spread on their own. The findings undermine a previous assumption that cells with metastatic potential originate only from the primary cancer location. “The idea that metastatic tumors can seed and establish other metastatic tumors in patients is different from traditional theories that the primary tumor is solely responsible for disseminating cancer cells with metastatic potential,” William Isaacs, Ph.D., Professor of Urology at the Johns Hopkins Brady Urological Institute and a member of The Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center, said in a recent news release. “The new genomic information lends more support to the idea that treatments for metastatic cancers should be a combination of therapies that target a variety of genetic pathways.” The analysis was performed with a new set of samples from patients with prostate cancer collected during a Johns Hopkins autopsy program between 1995 and 2004. For this s
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