Test Developed At UCF Outperforms PSA Screening For Prostate Cancer For Less Than $1

Test Developed At UCF Outperforms PSA Screening For Prostate Cancer For Less Than $1
shutterstock_200043437A recent study published in the ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces journal has shown that a new test for early-stage prostate cancer screening, developed at the University of Central Florida, is more precise and more sensitive that the current and standard test, costs less than $1, and produces results in only a few minutes. The test was developed by the researcher Qun “Treen” Huo in an effort to offer earlier detection of this type of cancer, which is one of the deadliest affecting men. The test also offers the possibility to reduce the amount of invasive and unnecessary biopsies that might be performed as a consequence of inaccurate PSA tests that are currently used. The urologic oncologist from the Florida Hospital Cancer Institute, Dr. Inoel Rivera, who collaborated with Huo on these pilot studies, said this test is very promising and explained: “It’s a simple test. It’s much better than the test we have right now, which is the PSA, and it’s cost-effective.” Dr. Huo's test detects the antibodies produced when a cancerous tumor starts developing; to do so, it utilizes gold nanoparticles, tin
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