Regen BioPharma Files Utility Patent Application for Immuno-Oncology Therapeutic dCellVax

Regen BioPharma Files Utility Patent Application for Immuno-Oncology Therapeutic dCellVax
Publicly traded biotechnology company, Regen Biopharma, Inc. has just announced it has filed a utility patent application with the US Patent and Trademark Office for its breakthrough immuno-oncology treatment, dCellVax. This therapeutic works by stimulating the body's dendritic cells to help activite immune responses against cancer. Regen's application is based on the company's experience in harnessing dendritic cells, along with previous publications authored by Dr. Wei-Ping Min, a Professor at the University of Western Ontario and member of the company's scientific advisory board, and previously issued US Patent No. 8,389,708. Regen Biopharma is determined to find groundbreaking methods to harness the body's dendritic or "professional antigen presenting" cells to provide millions of cancer patients a less toxic and less debilitating treatment option, compared to traditional chemo- and radiotherapy. "Our filed IND # 16200 for dCellVax leverages dendritic cells that are modified outside of the body to trigger an immune response against breast cancer.  In the newly filed patent application  we cover means of activating dendritic cells inside the body, with the hope of stimulating T cell responses to clear prostate cancer," said Thomas Ichim, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer of Regen BioPharma. "Effectively treating cancer requires a multi-level attack; by leveraging ex vivo activated dendritic cells combined with means of activating dendritic cells in vivo, we anticipate synergistic tumor responses." "Regen BioPharma is excited about accumulation of intellectual property in its immuno-oncology program.  By protecting the inventions of our scienti
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