Obese Patients at Higher Risk of Prostate Cancer Spreading, Study Says

Obese Patients at Higher Risk of Prostate Cancer Spreading, Study Says
Obese prostate cancer patients may be at higher risk of having the disease spread to other organs, according to a joint German and Canadian study. Radical prostatectomy not only seems to reduce that risk, but also the risk of prostate cancer recurring after surgery. Radical prostatectomy involves removing the prostate gland and tissue around it. The findings in the study "Radical prostatectomy neutralizes obesity-driven risk of prostate cancer progression" were published in Urologic Oncology. In addition to being a major contributor to cardiovascular disease and diabetes, obesity is associated with higher death rates in several cancers, including prostate cancer. Changes in the micro-organism makeup of an obese man can increase his risk of prostate cancer. It also can lead to a more aggressive form of disease and to increased risk of biochemical recurrence -- or a rise in PSA levels after treatment -- along with spread of the disease to other organs, and death. Despite robust evidence supporting an association between obesity and prostate cancer, some results have been contradictory. That has prompted doctors to debate the reliability of evidence suggesting a connection. Researchers sought to assess obesity's impact on two prostate cancer metrics. One was the rate of non-organized-confined disease -- or the spread of the cancer to other organs -- at the time of surgery. Another was the rate of biochemical recurrence after radical prostatectomy. The term non-organ-confined disease means the cancer has spread to tis
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  1. Kevin de Jesus says:

    Abdominal obesity and increased levels of leptin (a hormone that sends a signal when the stomach is full after eating) are associated with an increased risk of developing benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). I am only 40 years old but I was really fat and that was affecting my testosterone levels..It made me have prostate problems and low libido..I was depressed but my doc recommended me to lose weight and workout, also prescribed me a supplement for my prostate named alpharise, it has been 8 months and I already lost 50 kgs!! I am healthier, happier and my libido has increased, this supplement and my new alimentation and lifestyle worked miracles on me.

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