Men with Prostate Cancer Have Different Prostate Shape, Study Shows

Men with Prostate Cancer Have Different Prostate Shape, Study Shows
The shapes of the prostate and one of its compartments, called the transitional zone, are different in men with prostate cancer than in men without the disease, research shows. The finding may offer a new strategy for diagnosing prostate cancer, and predicting how aggressive it is. The study, “Computational imaging reveals shape differences between normal and malignant prostates on MRI,” was published in the journal Scientific Reports. "Looking at shape is a fundamental shift from looking at the intensity of pixels in an image to predict if a patient has prostate cancer," Anant Madabhushi, F. Alex Nason Professor of Biomedical Engineering at Case Western Reserve University and leader of the research, said in a news release. "Pixel intensities vary, but shape is resilient. "Here, we potentially have an image-based biomarker for prostate cancer, which is not greatly sensitive to the MRI parameters used by each institution, the maker of the MRI or the scanner itself," Madabhushi added. Multi-parametric magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) plays an essential role in managing prostate cancer, helping doctors try to keep it localized. In addition to providing structural and functional images of the prostate, MRI reveals differences in cancers based on their location in the prostate's anatomic subregions. Madabhushi and colleagues at Case Western Reserve decided to try to characterize differences in the shape of the prostate and the central gland -- a combination of the prostate's central and transitional zones
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