These Yoga Poses May Help With the Effects of Prostate Cancer Treatment

In this Healing and Cancer video, Dr. Walker takes a group of prostate cancer patients through gentle yoga asanas designed to relieve some of the side effects of prostate cancer treatment.

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Recent reports have shown that regular yoga practice can be extremely beneficial to prostate cancer patients in overcoming some of the well-known side effects of radiation therapy. The Univerity of Pennsylvania study found that twice-weekly yoga sessions showed an improvement in sexual and urinary function in prostate cancer patients who were undergoing between six and nine weeks of radiation therapy treatments. It also improved the level of fatigue these men experienced compared to the control group.

The 75-minute classes focused on breathing exercises and core strengthening and were tailored to the individual patients’ physical abilities. Patients who took part in the yoga classes while receiving radiation therapy reported very little difference in fatigue levels, whereas those who did not take part in the yoga classes experienced higher levels of fatigue as their radiation therapy continued. Find out more about this study here.

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