10 Common Emotional Responses to a Cancer Diagnosis

A cancer diagnosis can throw a person and their loved ones into emotional turmoil. It's perfectly normal for anyone diagnosed with cancer to go through a whole range of emotions, often several in a day. Coping with cancer can be as difficult emotionally as it is physically, and those feelings may continue through treatment and even years after recovery. According to the National Cancer Institute, these are some of the common emotions a cancer patient may experience: Overwhelmed Dealing with a cancer diagnosis can leave many patients feeling very overwhelmed. Worrying about their future and how cancer will affect their loved ones coupled with an information overload from their health care team can often leave people feeling like they've totally lost control. Taking the time to find out more about your type of cancer will help you gain some perspective. Ask your doctor to explain anything you don't fully understand so you can be proactive about your treatment choices. Denial Some people may find themselves in denial following a cancer diagnosis, burying their heads in the sand hoping it'll go away. While most people work through this stage fairly quickly, it's important to face the reality and begin treatment as soon as possible. Some loved ones may also suffer from denial following a cancer diagnosis. It's important that they too face what's happening so that they can offer support. Discover some important facts and stats about prostate cancer.  Anger Cancer is an unfair disease that nobody deserves. Understandably, patients and loved ones may feel angry that this is happening. The anger may be directed towards themselves, their family members or a religious figure as they work through the initial shock. Anger may also come from not bei
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