8 Reasons Why Sexual Desire Is Reduced After Prostate Surgery

8 Reasons Why Sexual Desire Is Reduced After Prostate Surgery
Many men experience a reduction or loss of their sex drive after their prostate is removed. This reduction can be a result of a variety of reasons such as: Coping with cancer: The emotions of fear and anxiety can impact sexual desire. Depression: Men often experience post-surgical depression. When men are depressed they don't typically experience depression the same way women do. Women typically become sad. Depressed men are frequently agitated, irritable, and easily angered. They could experience a loss of energy and interest in previously enjoyed hobbies and activities. Depression often leads to a noticeable reduction in desire or interest in sex. Losing urinary control: After prostate surgery the majority of men lose the ability to control urination. This lack of control may greatly impact a man's desire for sex. Climacturia: This is a medical term describing orgasm-associated incontinence. Few, if any, men are told it's possible they will leak or urinate during their orgasm. For some men and women, urinating during an orgasm is either highly embarrassing or a complete sexual turn-off, so a couple may avoid sex due to climacturia. Loss of ejaculation: After surgery, men lose their ability to ejaculate. This can affect the pleasure men feel. Some men will avoid experiencing orgasms because of the sense of loss or sadness they feel after an ejaculation-free orgasm. A change in the quality or intensity of orgasms, or painful orgasms: Some men have orgasms of significantly reduced intensity, and pleasure also is reduced. This could become a turn-off. Some men also experience painful orgasms after surgery, and we have a built-in desire to avoid pain. A reduction in penis size: Some men report a noticeable reduction in the size of thei
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  1. William D. "SAWYER SR, MSG US Army Retired says:

    After two tours in Vietnam, surgery in 1996-1999, repeat, radiation
    and hormone therapy, I became well versed with it…Then as Vietnam
    Veterans of America, Agent Orange (AO) Chairman Chapter 751 Lawton
    OK, and National AO Chairman 2004-2008, working in the Chapter
    both before and after, and still at it today… I’m always looking for new
    and up-to-date info to pass to my fellow Veterans; so if you have
    anything please send it…Thanks for what you do it is appreciated…

  2. Philip Chubb says:

    Bratchey therapy with Professor Hoskins at Mt Vernon Hospital UK. Really works minimal side effects even stage three. Good risk of being rid of it. I would take two Cialis a week through the treatment and strontium renelate whilst on hormone deprivation. After six months Casodex
    Bicamitulide 150 mg is just fine with tolerable side effects.
    Controle breasts with radiation and tamoxifen 20mg if painfull.

  3. ian mac adam says:

    i do not own a prostrate anymore , i need to know to know about what to do about the drop in sexual interest

  4. james gallagher says:

    I have been with my partner for 33 years he has health issues that he has to deal with, heart disease,lung cancer, type 2 diabetis enlarged prostate all from agent orange he is 74 no desire for sex I am 65 still active with sex what do I do to help him over come this.

    • Baby Girl says:

      Start researching foods that increase his desire. I’ve done this w/ my man. (Prostrate removed/prediabetic, he is 58 & i am 56). It won’t work overnight but it will work; I promise you. (smile). Initiate porn as well. Walnuts, shrimp, & salmon are a good place to start. Initiate more touching & caressing & NOT getting to 1st base. Makes him feel loved & wanted. Help him feel more comfortable talking about his lack of desire. (While driving in the car is a good idea as not to have eye contact if he is a bit shy). This will help you also stay fine-tuned that it is not due to you not being attractive. It is all about the way he feels.

  5. I HAD PROSTATE SURGERY NOV.13th of 2018 left me with incontinence have no SEXUAL DESIRE talking a toll on the marriage have villages but have no desire what so ever to have sex afraid now to buy SEXUAL supplements do to prostate levels even though my prostate was removed.What do I do now?

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