Largest-ever African American Prostate Cancer Study Seeks Participants

Largest-ever African American Prostate Cancer Study Seeks Participants
African American men recently diagnosed with prostate cancer are being recruited across the U.S. for the largest-ever prostate cancer study in this ethnic group. The study is a joint effort by prostate cancer researchers and experts from around the country and will seek to find out why African American men are more likely to develop prostate cancer and die from it. One in six African American men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer and will be twice as likely to die from the disease, compared to other races. This is because their cancers tend to appear much earlier in life and be more aggressive. The reasons for this remain unclear. But with the RESPOND study researchers are trying to understand why prostate cancer takes a harsher toll on African American men. The study plans to include 10,000 men nationwide and examine a number of factors and their potential influence on the development and progression of prostate cancer in this group. Researchers will look at the effects of social stressors, such as discrimination, socio-economic status, education, home life and location, and early-life events, as well as genetic and biological factors. Participants also will be asked to complete a survey, provide a saliva sample, and allow researchers to access prostate tissue samples. “The results of this landmark study will allow us to better understand the disparities in incidence and mortality of pros
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