5 Prostate Cancer Symptoms You Should Be Aware of

5 pc symptoms

Prostate cancer is a common disease that can attack men of all ages and affects the prostate, which is a gland located below the bladder. In early cases of the disease, the symptoms are usually unnoticeable, but as the disease progresses symptoms may arise and cause discomfort.

Symptoms of prostate cancer include (to learn more about each symptom, click on the link):

1. Erectile dysfunctionWhile in the early stages, the symptoms are often unnoticed, but as the disease progresses patients experience symptoms like urination problems, painweakness or numbness in the limbs, and erectile dysfunction.

Find out more about erectile dysfunction and side effects of prostate cancer treatments.

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  1. Mark Askew says:

    I’m concerned now because I have all 5 symptoms and after recently starting to explain them to my GP he stopped me mid sentence to state that it was a 10 minute appointment and that I had time to talk about 1 symptom and 1 symptom only!

    I now have an MRI scan tomorrow as the back pain he has immediately linked to my prior spinal fusion.

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